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Dear Beer lovers

Are you a beer lover?
Do you think of a cold beer when you are thirsty? Do you drink more beer than water?. Does your ear pricked up when you hear the words “Happy hour”?

If all that sounds very familiar to you, then you are one. It’s alright to love beer, and experiencing the cool, frothy, bitter-ish and somewhat exhilarating taste of beer.
However, many would ask how much is too much. 5 mugs? 2 liters? 33 gulps? Well, its pretty much depends on each individual isn’t it?

The “Math” that made perfect sense for a beer drinker. Make sure you look carefully at each item and see whether you can figure it out.


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Pass in Exam?

Remember your high school exams? Do you recall those annoying surprise questions that your teachers like to have just because they like to look at the shocking look on your face? I bet you do.
Not forgetting all those tough questions you faced during exams and you would try to write anything that seems to make sense to you. Am I right? If you are smiling when you read this, you know I am right.
However, for some people, they really speak their mind and being really honest on their exam papers. Way too honest I must say. Way, way TOO honest.

well when she asked you to ‘expand’

when asked for value ‘x’

Act of detective!!

So how many of us did this before?


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List of my loved1

“Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up strings,
these are a few of my favourite things….”

The evergreen song from Sound of Music. Thought of coming up with such a list. Always a good feeling going through them.

I love…..

* My Name
* Early Morning sun
* Winter
* Hot black coffee on cold winter mornings
* Taking a shower after a long hard day
* mountains
* long walks on cool evenings
* falling in love
* smell of the first rain
* theatre
* quizzing
* parallel movies
* reading
* watching AXN
* listening to oldies..
* long distance drives with country music playing in the car
* babies
* war of words
* intelligent women
* assertive women
* independent women
* beautiful indian women
* getting wet in the rains
* Formula 1 results
* Green Apple
* my nokia N70
* GSC Teater
* holding ais cubes
* disturd sleeping people
* flute melody sound
* my bolster
* no 7
* will smith
* backstreet boys
* mazda RX8
* corrs
* meeting people
* long distance phone calls
* receiving emails
* cards
* writing emails
* giving meaningful gifts or none at all
* listening to melody on a lonely evening
* laughter
* making people smile
* warm n fresh towels

thats all i can think of right now…..will update….

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